How to Submit a New Academicworks Opportunity (Scholarship/Grant/Award)

In order to make a new opportunity for Academicworks (AW) including but not limited to scholarships, awards, contests & grants (inside & outside the organization), please fill out the New AW Opportunity Form. This form will live here on the Knowledge base (aka the EdTA helpdesk), as well as in the Q Drive under the folders T: Academicworks (Scholarship-Award)
[file path: ( Drive/AcademicWorks (Scholarship-Award)) ].

The file to fill out is called: New AW Opportunity Form (Scholarship-Award)

We ask that you please fill each section out completely, consulting with both Finance & Development on their sections before ultimately submitting it via the helpdesk under the category of Tech: AcademicWorks Issues.

It’s important that we get all the information the first time so we don’t have to continually hunt down the answers, so please do not submit incomplete forms.

From here, Diane will give approval for it to be on the site & then it will be added to for you to view before going live.

If you have any questions about this process please contact Nick (
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